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RIDL Second in CSAW’19 Best applied Research

Two of VUSec’s papers were nominated for the Best Applied Research Award at CSAW’19 in Valence France: ECCploit and RIDL.

When the dust settled, “RIDL: Rogue In-Flight Data Load”, the
paper that was published at Security & Privacy in May and that shows a new class of speculative execution attacks that can leak any “in-flight” data from Intel CPUs won the second place
prize for Best Applied Research at CSAW ’19.

See also: “Much Ado about RIDL“.

Much ado about RIDL

The RIDL saga that started in September 2018 lingers on. A new embargo and a new set of insufficient patches, and it isn’t over yet. Excellent coverage by Kim Zetter in the New York Times.

In addition there were many other outlets covering this: