About VUSec

VUSec is the Systems and Network Security Group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and one of the larger groups in the Computer Science department at the VU. Our research covers all aspects of system-level security and reliability, including software hardening, exploitation, binary and malware analysis, dependable systems,  software testing, side channels, and reverse engineering.

The group’s focus is on “research that matters”, by which we mean research that has impact either on the research community, or on society as whole. In the past, we actively contributed to the take-down of criminal infrastructures (botnets), and
made available a wide range of tools and systems to benefit resesearchers and industry alike. Some of our activities hit the news.

Academically, we  regularly publish our research in the top venues in systems security (S&P, CCS, USENIX Sec, NDSS, etc.). See our publications. We are proud that VUSec  has accumulated multiple prestigious grants (ERC, VICI), a Dennis Ritchie Ph.D. Award,  and no fewer than four Roger Needham Ph.D. Awards for best Ph.D. in systems in  Europe.

Most importantly, VUSec puts “computer systems” and “system security” into the focus of study.




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