As a PhD Student / Postdoc

There may (or may not) be PhD / Postdoc opportunities available any time of the year. If you are (a) really good, and (b) interested in a PhD / Postdoc in system security, send us an email (please include [VUSeek] in the subject and attach your CV).

 As a Bachelor Student

Apply for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. VUSec is involved in a number of Bachelor courses (course material on Canvas and more information in the study guide):

  • Operating Systems (OS)
  • Compiler Construction (CoCo)
  • Secure Programming (SP)

See also our page on student projects.

As a Teaching Assistant

If you are a year-2+ Bachelor student or Master student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,  we have a number of teaching assistantships available for all our Bachelor courses above (OS, SP, CoCo). Teaching assistants (TAs) are typically involved in practical assignment supervision (attending two lab sessions per week and addressing questions on Canvas) and assessment (assignment grading). Every year, we have 4x 0.25 FTE (10 hours/week) TA positions available for OS, 4x 0.25 FTE (10/hours week) TA positions available for SP, and 4x 0.5 FTE (20 hours/week for the shorter period 3) TA positions available for CoCo.  If interested, please us an email. Do include [VUSeek] in the subject, attach your CV & grade list, and specify your full name, year of study, private email address, nationality, and whether you already have a TA contract with the VU.

 As a Master Student

Apply for a Master in Computer Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. For VUSec, there are different Master programs to choose from. The most obvious is the Master program in Computer System Security. The other interesting one is the Andrew S. Tanenbaum Master of Computer Systems Research (also as one of the university’s top Masters).

The Master track in Computer Systems Security at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is unique in the  Netherlands in focusing on system security issues in operating systems, hardware and applications and less on formal methods or the math behind cryptography. For us, it’s systems all the way down.
Our philosophy is that you learn by doing and, moreover, the way to learn most about security solutions is to break them. So, you will learn how to write exploits and how to bypass some of the strongest defenses  commonly deployed.  The courses are extremely challenging and most of them have a very hands-on  character.
Students graduating in the Computer Systems Security specialization have knowledge of:
  • Security issues in system-level software including weaknesses and defenses (and how to bypass them);
  • Static and dynamic analysis techniques for software (benign and malicious, binary and source) ;
  • Research in attacks and defenses;
  • Reverse engineering and forensics

VUSec is actively involved in many Master courses (course material on Canvas and more information in the study guide), such as:

  • Binary and Malware Analysis (BAMA)
  • Computer and Network Security (CNS)
  • Advanced Operating Systems (AOS)
  • Hardware Security (HS)

As mentioned, VUSec is actively organizing the following Master programs at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam:

Students frequently play a leading role in our research projects.  See our page on student projects. Also check out some published papers from thesis projects carried out by our Master students below.

Published Master Thesis Results

Life after university

In this field, there is pretty much 100% employment rate. On this page, you will find some links to organisations that may help you find the right job for you.


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