Student projects

This page contains information about Master and Bachelor projects in our group. For more information, send us an email (please include [VUStudent] in the subject).

Make sure  to also send us your answers to the questions in the student interests questionnaire, your grade list, and (optionally) a CV.

Master projects

Thesis projects come in two flavors:

  • Internal projects: working together with PhD students, postdocs, and staff members in the research group
  • External projects: projects in a company or external organisation.

Internal projects. Please note that the internal research projects are invariably tough and very research-oriented. We typically aim for a project that may lead to a publication. No guarantees, of course. Make sure you really want to do one of those before starting one. Seriously, think about it carefully (And kiss your social life goodbye!).

Topics in internal projects vary. Have a look at our papers and especially some of the student papers to get an idea.  Also have a look at our project page to get an overview of the project areas (and some concrete projects) we cover.

External projects. For external projects, we have good contacts with many companies. Some of them have their own list of projects:

Bachelor projects

Bachelor thesis projects in our group are also considered very demanding. Make sure you want to do this.

If you opt for a Bachelor project in our group, your job will be to reproduce the results ofsome (really tough) research paper. Have a look at some example papers from past projects [1 | 2].

Even though you have the paper in hand to guide you, you will discover that this is much harder than you might think.



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