Johannes Blaser

This is me, hi.

About Me

Hi! Since early 2021 I am a PhD candidate in the VUSec research  group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My advisors are prof. dr. ir. Herbert Bos, and my co-supervisors are dr. Cristiano Giuffrida, and dr. Erik van der Kouwe.

I received my joint Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Universiteit van Amsterdam (cum laude). I followed the Computer Systems Security track, and graduated on a project about defining a formal semantics for P4. Before that I did my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (also cum laude), where I graduated on a project on Segment Routing. I was also fortunate enough to have gone on an academic exchange to 慶應義塾大学 (Keio University) in Tokyo during my Bachelor’s degree.

Topics that interest me a lot are security, hardware, preferably with a twist of formal methods; I like looking at how things can be (prevented from being) broken or fixed, and ideally also proving why that is the case. I also love (spoken) languages, cooking & baking, and skiing (other snow-involving sports are tolerated).

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Hey, come on, I only just started. 🙁