We are in the building of the Exact Sciences (locally known as the FEW or the WN building) of the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Here are some (really detailed) directions (The department has some more directions, which are useful if you are arriving from a different station).

First, have a look at the map. And here is a map of the Campus (the red arrow marks your target entrance).

If (arrive_by_train) goto A;
else if (arrive_by_tram_or_metro) goto (B);
else if (arrive_by_car) goto (C);
else you_are_already_there?

A: # by train

If you are coming from Schiphol: take the train to Amsterdam Zuid (the final destination may well be Hilversum, or Utrecht, Lelystad, Eindhoven, Enschede, or some other destination — just make sure it calls at Amsterdam Zuid).

Get off at Amsterdam Zuid.

Exit the platform on the side where there is no station building, down the stairs, turn left, under the overpass. You are now on the Buitenveldertselaan (see map). Walk past the petrol station and cross at the traffic lights. You will see the first VU Griffion (aka the VU chicken) on the high building, but you keep going straight (follow the tram line) for a few hundred meters (keep University on your right).

Approximately at the far end of the tram/metro stop, you will see another huge neon Griffion on your right. Pass underneath that building to get to the main campus. After passing underneath the building with the VU chicken, turn left immediately.

Goto (A+B+C)

B: # by tram/metro

If you are coming to the VU from the city by metro/tram, take either tram #5 or metro #51 going away from Central Station towards Amstelveen. Get off at the tram stop “VU” (one stop beyond Amsterdam Zuid). The tram travels along Buitenveldertselaan and stops at the corner of Buitenveldertselaan and De Boelelaan. Exit the tram and walk to the building with the huge neon Griffion (aka the “VU Chicken”) right opposite the tram stop. After passing underneath the building with the VU chicken, turn left immediately.

A+B+C: # train and tram/metro

You have now arrived at the Exact Sciences Building, at the 1081 entrance. (In case you got lost in these 200 meters: just ask someone where the Exact Sciences Building is. The building is also known as F.E.W. or W&N building. There are usually many students around to ask.)

At this point you need to locate a given room number of the form ${WING}${FLOOR}${ID}.  For instance, you can find room numbers of people in our group here.

Now, suppose you’re looking for P416 (i.e., P wing, 4th floor, id=16):

  • Go up the steps into the Exact Sciences Building and take the lift to the 4th floor.
  • Exit the lift to the left and go through the glass fire doors.
  • Follow the signs above your head to the given wing in the really long corridor. For the P wing, turn right and walk about 40 m.
  • Look at the numbers on the doors to find the given room number. For P416, keep going until you are almost at the set of fire doors at the end of the P wing. You’ll find P416 on the left.

C: # by car

First, have a look at the directions to our building. Thee following directions will take you to the entrance marked 1081 and beyond.

There is (paid) parking space near the main building (street: De Boelelaan) and behind our building (street: Arent Janszoon Ernststraat).

Detailed instructions on how to get here from the parking space:

  • If you park in De Boelelaan, walk through the main entrance. Keep somewhat to the right inside the building. There is a staircase and a revolving door in the back. Exit and keep walking to the (big) building behind it. Pass between the low blue building marked by number 1091a on the map and the building marked by number 1083. Do not take the entrance with the ramp, but go straight and turn left after the blue building, until you reach entrance 1081. Goto (A+B+C);
  • If you park in the E.J. Ernststraat: walk towards the Buitenvedertselaan, pass underneath the huge neon Griffion (aka as the “VU Chicken”) right opposite the tram stop. Goto (A+B+C);



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